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YN Series Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

Product Description

YN serials pressure gauge is excellent in shock resistance. With applications of high mechanical vibrations and media pulsating, its suitable for pressure measurement of gaseous, liquid and vapor media which has no risks of explosion, not highly crystallization or viscous, and will not attack copper alloy partsWith stable dial indication and clear reading, this type of gauges are widely used in heavy machinery, mining machinery, petrochemical industries, metallurgical and power industries.

Structure Principle

On the basis of Y serials pressure gauge structure principle, With the filled liquid (Silicone oil and glycerin) inside the case and damping elements applied, the YN serials pressure gauges can minimize the harmful impact to the instruments caused by media pulsating and high dynamic loads, so that to  ensure the pressure gauges measurement precision and extend the product  lifetime.


Intended for adverse service conditions where pulsating or vibration exists (with liquid filling).
Hydraulics and compressors
Suitable for gaseous or liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system.

Special Features

Vibration and shock resistant (with liquid filling)
Copper Alloy
Both back mount and lower mount (radial) are available
Measurement unit could be bar, psi...etc. as per customer request


Model YN60 YN75 YN100 YN150
Nominal Size 60 75 100 150
Fitting Thread M141.5G14ZG14
Accuracy Class 2.5% 1.6%
Measuring Range (MPa) Vacuum -0.10-0.10.06-0.10.15-0.10.3-0.10.5
Non Vacuum 00.1,00.16,00.25,00.4,00.6,01,01.6,

Free samples are available for you try!

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