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YSZ Digital Display Pressure Gauge

Product Description

YSZ-AB-1 Series internal electric digital display pressure gauge uses large capacity lithium battery supply, low power consumption, can work continuously for a long time, automatic light control or magnetic control switch can extend the life time of the battery; When LOBAT pops up, it means the battery is low and should be recharged in time with an unused charger (charger is provided separately). The instrument is waterproof and explosion-proof, especially suitable for the pressure measurement in the field with no power supply. With the adjustment device, it can be used on field

YSZ-QB Series digital display pressure controller is a multifunctional product which integrates pressure measurement, display and control. The product is an all-electronic structure, with a piezoresistive pressure sensor with a diaphragm filled oil core at the front end. The output signal is converted to standard signal by an amplifier circuit with high precision, low temperature drift and high reliability. It is easy to use, simple operation, easy to adjust, widely used in power, tap water, water treatment, petrochemical, metallurgy´etc. industries, to measure the pressure of the fluid medium  and display & control, is an ideal replacement of the pointer type electric contact pressure gauge.



Hydraulics and pneumatics

Pumps and compressors

Service tasks

Special Features

Both back mount and lower mount (radial) are available

Battery and external power source are available



Accuracy Class \0.2%FS 、\0.5%FS
Measurement Range (Mpa) 0~1.6、2.5、4、6、10、16、25、40、60MPa
Display 4 digitLCD 4/1/2 digit LED 
Output Signal / / 4~20mA,DC、0~10mA,DC、0~5V,DC、1~5V,DC吉
Operating Enviroment Digital Display portion Temperature5~40<C Related Humidity <85%
Pressure Transmitter portion Temperature-20~+80<C Related Humidity up to 100%
Power Supply 3.6V Lithium Battery 24V,DC
Control Method No control Upper/Lower Limits Control, Alarm 
Capacity / AC,220V/3A
Lifetime of touch point / −100000 cycle

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